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J Photography manages and markets an archive of high quality photographic work.

For the moment J Photography markets the work of Manfried Janson, a business man who partly financed his University life as a freelance photographer. During the 60ties and 70ties his studies took him to Universities in Hamburg, Innsbruck, Saarbrucken, Vienna and Rio de Janeiro, but also on a tour to Asia on the vessel "MS Hessenstein", to Portugal and Turkey, amongst others.

Working with his cameras Leica M4, M5 and Rolleiflex 6x6 Manfried had an immense interest in taking portraits and pictures of people. His years as a traveler and student allowed him to collect an amount of high quality photo journalistic work. This is how an archive of over 10'000 black & white as well as colored negatives and dias, mostly developed by himself, showing great moments of time, was established.

His photographs are proof of a time when photography and owning a camera was something for a selected few. It was a time when photo journalists were flown around the world first class to capture an event or a story. It was a time when photography was not established as a form of art, but rather as a form of documentation.

But it was incredible exciting when countries like Brazil still had lots of areas that were hardly reachable and traveling was immensely time-consuming. Equipped with a great deal of curiosity, a need for adventure and his cameras Manfried had the time, chance and dedication to travel and document. Travelling Portugal's Algarve region for example when golf courses and beach tourists were nonexistent allowed him to take photos of winegrowers and fishermen. Later, the Brazilian Military granted him permission to tour the Amazon on a military DC-3 to photograph Brazil's North Eastern and Central Region, allowing him to take shots of the life in the Amazonas or picture a great series of Jangadeiros fishermen near Fortaleza's coast.

Some of his work was published in magazines and newspapers such as Germany's Stern, Der Spiegel, Die Welt or Zurich's Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Manfried at the time also organized exhibitions in Northern Germany or Austria. After graduation Manfried joined the business world resulting in him having less time for taking pictures or developing them in his darkroom. His job took him and his family to live in countries like Peru, Guatemala and Egypt, occasionally giving him the time to shoot a few pictures.

It wasn't until 2010 that Manfried rediscovered his past talent and the products of it. Buying and installing a server, an iMac and a professional Nikon 9000 Coolscan scanning machine he ventured into the basement of his house for hours each night to scan and organize his work. His family thought he was crazy. It was only until his daughter Anna, who meanwhile had quit her job to become a professional photographer, that the rest of the family realized the value of his precious work. Amongst others Anna took a photography course at London College of Communication, thus strengthened her technics also on the computer.

Helping Manfried in gaining some of these technics she started to discover Manfried's work. It was then that she told her brother Manuel about the work she found in the "basement". Manuel himself had taken an interest in photography, but more as a buyer and photography aficionado. He visited photography galleries, fairs and museums and was immediately taken by the quality of the work he encountered in the basement of his parents home. In short that's when both founded J Photography to organize Manfried's work, select the best pictures to reproduce and make them available to the outside world.

Going forward J Photography wants to manage work of other photographers.

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